Select from one of the categories below. The Holy Bible page features an embedded King James Version Bible with study helps as well as direct verse look ups. Book mark the page to help with Bible studies and find verses quickly and easily. The video section is great for people who find it hard to read from the computer screen or just simply like to hear others passionately preaching the word of God. "He that has ears , let him Hear" Jesus used parables as an effective manner to get his message across to the masses. Check them out and see what He had to say.

Christian Music

People Need The Lord - Steve Green
The Mission - Steve Green
Guard Your Heart - Steve Green
Broken and Spilled Out - Steve Green
The Prayer - The Heritage Singers
A Broken Heart - The Heritage Singers
Because of Love - The Heritage Singers
Gods Wonderful People - The Heritage Singers
More Than Wonderful - The Heritage Singers
Lord I Give You My Heart - Michael W. Smith
Heart of Worship - Michael W. Smith
Healing Raing - Michael W. Smith
Mighty To Save - Michael W. Smith
The Best in Me - Marvin Sapp