Homemade Baskets

Practice makes perfect! If you are looking into building your own practice basket and don't have access to a welder this is a great design take a look at the video, there are also written plans below. If you have any questions send Chris an email.



3 - 3" "L" Brackets (to hold basket to pole)
8 - 8" x 10" shelf brackets
50' ft of 1/2 inch underground sprinkler tubing
3 - Rolls of electrical tape (MIN)
1 - Sheet of plywood at least 1/2 inch thick 16" Square or bigger
50 - 1/2" #8 wood screws
6 - 1/2 #8 Drill point screws (self-tapping)


Drill with 3/16 metal drill bit
Screw driver (head that matches screws)
Exacto Blade (or sharp knife)
Jig saw with multipurpose blade (wood/metal)

Ideally you have a bigger piece of wood (26" or bigger)
Draw a 26" circle on it by putting a screw half way in to the center of the wood,
Tie a piece of wire or string to it at least 20" long
Measure out to 13" and tie the string to a pencil at that point and draw the circle
Place the first 4 shelf brackets down with the 10" side down on the wood. and the back at the line (circle edge)
Screw down using all holes
put the 4 in like they were corners then place the next 4 in between the existing 4 and screw them down as well.
All the 8" ends sticking up should be in a circle
Cut off about 85" of tubing
Start so the seem will be in between the brackets not on it
Screw one of the 1/2 screws through the bracket and into the tubing
Continue bending the tubing around to all the top holes and screw it in place
when you come around to the start try to cut it as close as possible then tape it well with electrical tape.
Repeat the last steps for the bottom screw holes putting 2 screws in the tubing per bracket
To add firmness and support to the top rim double it up by adding a second layer of tubing taping it tightly to the top rim as you go around. make sure the tubing is directly on top of it. also try not to put any of the seems in the same place in the circle.
Measure and drill the following holes in the brackets bottom portion. Measured from the center of the first hole
3 1/2" from first hole in all the bottom piecesB on diagram
1 1/4" from the hole you just drilled (white) A on diagram on all bottom pieces
Now remove the brackets from the wood and they should hold there shape.
Cut the 16" circle out of the piece of wood also cut the hole in the center for the pole.
Put the brackets on the 16" circle and put screws in the first holes and hole B
Run the tubing around the bottom outer edge securing it in place with the 1/2 inch screws
Repeat for the inner holes.
The basket is almost done.
Run electrical tape around the upper and lower basket ribs about 3 times
then tape around the strips to reinforce them
cut pieces of tubing to fit in between the to ribs on the face of the shelf bracket to prevent any damaged discs and tape them to the bracket.
on the bottom attache the 3" "L" brackets in a triangle formation then screw then into the wood

The Top Chain Assembly


26" bicycle rim with axle removed
8" #4 wood screws with washers
Total amount of chain required 54" ft of 2/0 link chain
24 - "S" hooks
2 - 4" thick rounded bracelets from a cheap fake jewelry store (or close line wire 2ft)


Drill with 3/16 metal drill bit
needle nose pliers (to close "S" hooks)
Chain Cutters fairly heavy duty

Remove tire from rim (if not already done)
Most 26" rims have 36 spokes in this case screw a hole on the crease of the bottom of the rim every 3 spokes so you have 12 holes on total around the outside bottom of the rim
Cut chain in 12 pieces of 20 LINK (26") sections
Attach the chain links to the rim with the "S" hooks making sure when it is right side up the rounded part is hanging down
Make big tape circles with the electrical tape abot a 1/2 inch apart on every 3rd spoke half way in.
Cut 12 stands of 18 LINK 23 1/4" chain
attach the inner chains with the "S" hooks in between the tape rolls
Cut the braclet with the wire cutters and feed the bracelet through the bottom link of the 12 inner chains
then put a small piece of tape around the bracelet to keep it together (or run a piece of wire around through the bottom links and tape it off)
do the same for the outer chains which should hang a bit lower

Attaching Chain Assembly to the Pole


8' ft fence post
1 ft of 2x2
8" #4 screw with washer
1 - 1/2" self tapping screw


Hack saw or jig saw with steal bit
power drill/screwdriver
Wrench that fits top of 8" #4 screw

Cut the pole off at 54" (you will probably have to cut it again to hit the 54" height dimension as every umbrella stand is different)
use the knife to whittle down the 2x2 so the tip fits into the pole then turn the pole upside down and hammer the wood in against the ground
Once it has gone in at least 6" cut it off flush with the top of the pole
**if the rim fits inset to the pole** push the wood down gently about a half inch.
Secure the wood block in place by using a 1/2 " self tapping screw through the pole into the wood.
guide the bottom 2 chain circles over the pole and set in place
Use 8" #4 screw with washer to secure the rim to the pole

Installing the Basket

Slide the basket up from the bottom of the pole until there is 19" in between the top of the basket rim and the bottom of the tire as shown in discatcher dimension pic.
Secure it to the pole with the self tapping screws through the 3 existing "L: brackets on the bottom of the basket.

Finishing Up

Put the tire back on the rim if available
Put it in to its stand and measure from the ground to the bottom of the top chain assembly
it should be 54" so subtract what you need off the bottom and your GOOD TO GO!